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About the handling of individual information

  • Confirmation of individual information
    I might ask for customer's individual information if necessary when inquiring of the Gets person or using and reserving it.
  • Use of individual information
    When reports and information that seems the necessity and profitable to use and to reserve it when the inquiry of the Gets person is answered it are sent, I might report by mail, the telephone, and the E-mail•FAX, etc.
  • Disclosing of individual information
    As a rule, the Gets person will not disclose individual information registered by specifying the closed-door to the third party.
    However, individual information might be disclosed in the following cases.
    When there is the registrant's agreement about information disclosure and sharing.
    When it is necessary to offer it based on regulations of the law.
Information and the photograph that has been described in this homepage are forbidden to be diverted without permission.